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Request for Assistance – Crowdfunder & Speaker Volunteer

Many of you will know this already but for those who don’t know my story…

3d front coverMy name is Patrick Souiljaert;

You might see me as being disabled but I see my cerebral palsy as a gift because in my mind I’m a regular, independent guy.

I have written my autobiography to inform and inspire people and to make a difference however big or small… it has also given me a platform as a public speaker and I love it!

I have just completed the sequel to my first book, ‘Stairs for Breakfast’, it’s called, ‘Screw It, I’ll take the Elevator’, it continues my journey on how to overcome adversity and have fun in life.

The books took me fifteen months to write, all typed with my left index finger but now that I have a PA, this book only took six weeks to edit.

If you haven’t read my first book, you can read the reviews on my website,

I am now self-publishing my second book based on the reactions to my first, this one is more dramatic, funnier and has a great ending!

My PA Maggie and I are now working together on a project to sell 1000 copies of the book by the end of the year, which means I need to achieve one thousand pre-orders of the book, which you can do via , this will greatly assist me with the costs of getting the book published.

I’ll post updates on my crowd funding page and send you the book when it has been printed:

Once you have pre-ordered the book it would be great if you could leave a comment.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my project and your kind assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Overcoming adversity flatmate-style!

Hello everyone

Life is a funny thing!

Two weeks ago little did I expect to have a new flatmate now after my old flatmate John decided to move out.

The funny thing is, three years ago when I last advertised for a flatmate I asked a friend if she would handle the phone enquiries for me. I thought people who did not know about Cerebral Palsy would be put off by my voice. However nowadays people tend to enquire about the room vacancy by email rather than by phone. Therefore I had to come up with a positive way of informing potential flatmates that I have Cerebral Palsy.

Hence when people inquired about the room I emailed back, “here’s a bit about me!” and sent them this video: bit about me video







It proved a success, I had seven people come to view the room out of which two people wanted to become my new flatmate!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has already pre-ordered a copy of my new book, so far I have raised £481 and my target is £7,000, I am going to dedicate a Thank You page in the book with the names of all people who have contributed and helped me to publish the book:

book cover 19 ju_y

You can pre-order my new book here now!


Screw it, I need more pre-orders!!

Hello everyone;

I am feeling rejuvenated after my short break at Guayrapa (meditation retreat in Spain), since I’ve been back in the last ten days, great progress on my second book has been made, the editing process is complete and the manuscript is currently with my liable lawyer undergoing legal review.

Below is a draft copy of the book cover, it needs a few minor changes but it’s looking good.Screw_It_copy

Most of the hard work has  been done now, after the legal review, all that remains is to have the manuscript formatted into a book and for the book to be printed. I feel a real sense of achievement, however the campaign to obtain pre-orders now starts in earnest.

The cost of self-publishing the book is £7,000 and so far I have raised £400, this means I still need to another 450 pre-orders to have the books printed and posted to you.

I am really proud of my book, “Screw it, I’ll take the elevator”, a number of extracts have already been posted on my website. Standby for more extracts, videos and updates on how I am doing.

Here is the new Crowdfunder page for you to pre-order the book:

I have created a thank you page here and I am going to dedicate a page in the book as a gesture of my appreciation to all those who contributed.

Thank you for your support!

All you need is love & peace xxx

The couple of people I told about my online-dating experiences said things like “You haven’t tried very hard…” I don’t think they realised how much physical time and effort I put into the process of writing emails and how much emotional pain it caused me.

Yes, I have Cerebral Palsy but why do most women not look past that and see me as a human being?

Jeremy Vine ran a weekly series on his Radio 2 show, where he invited inspirational people to answer the question ‘What makes us human?’ A few months ago I heard Alison Lapper MBE, an English artist who paints with her mouth because she was born without arms on the programme. Alison defined it extremely well. She said what makes us human is to love and to be loved, accepted and respected.

This is the most important point of my book because I get the impression that the people who call me an inspiration do not think about this.

The most basic human emotion is love. Everyone in the world needs it because it’s the most fundamental thing in life.

When people see me walking around and doing everything I do and they think I’m an inspiration, do they consider my basic needs and desires as a human being?

For so many years, I have known that I haven’t been physiologically fed. It’s something that affects my confidence in everyday life – but I think people don’t think or realise it about me.

I know what love is because I have loved two people (Rosie and Janet) very much. I overcome everything else in my life relatively easily. However, not having found someone to share my life with yet is the one thing I do not cope with well.

People know me as someone who is often laughing and joking, but I’m not like that when I’m at home alone. I wouldn’t wish the pain it causes me on my worst enemy.

What really hurts me is that I have got so much love to give and I’m such a soft and gentle person, but people don’t give me a chance to allow me to show them that side of me.

I think most people take relationships for granted and I have known so many people in bad relationships. It hurts me because I value people and relationships. People refer to their ‘other half’. I feel like I’m half a person.

I often wonder how I keep going. It’s due to my belief that I am going to find the right woman to share my life with. I am only human.






Please pre-order your copy of ‘Screw it, I’ll Take The Elevator’ to help me with the self-publishing costs!


Three more sleeps & of to Spain I go!!

It has been an exciting, busy and eventful month since my last blog!

‘Screw it, I’ll take the elevator’, has been edited and we have read over half of the manuscript already and also busy with the book cover, here are the photos we have picked for the cover (Ps: let us know which you prefer??)IMG_2624


















We have got speaking events lined up for October and November, which is very exciting.

A couple of weeks ago we went up to London for a training workshop with Kaleidoscope Investments (KI), which is like a Dragons’ Den for disabled entrepreneurs and successfully submitted our business  plan for consideration, so fingers crossed we get picked! They seem to be impressed with my public speaking abilities and suggested that my books are a great addition to my repertoire.

Maggie has been great in posting extracts from my second book, as well as keeping my socials platforms fresh and exciting! I have recently purchased a GoPro camera, which will enable me to give people a bird’s eye view into the life of Patrick Souiljaert and now I am also able to share my Guayrapa experiences with you too!IMG_2645

I am keeping this blog update short and sweet because we still have a great deal to do before I leave for Spain on Thursday for two weeks but watch this space as I share my Ascension experience with you…

Ps: Has anyone perhaps seen my passport?!?

Please pre-order your copy of  ‘Screw it, I’ll Take The Elevator’ to help me with the self-publishing costs!