Overcoming adversity flatmate-style!

Hello everyone

Life is a funny thing!

Two weeks ago little did I expect to have a new flatmate now after my old flatmate John decided to move out.

The funny thing is, three years ago when I last advertised for a flatmate I asked a friend if she would handle the phone enquiries for me. I thought people who did not know about Cerebral Palsy would be put off by my voice. However nowadays people tend to enquire about the room vacancy by email rather than by phone. Therefore I had to come up with a positive way of informing potential flatmates that I have Cerebral Palsy.

Hence when people inquired about the room I emailed back, “here’s a bit about me!” and sent them this video: youtu.be/qqZ0k0O7wr4A bit about me video







It proved a success, I had seven people come to view the room out of which two people wanted to become my new flatmate!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has already pre-ordered a copy of my new book, so far I have raised £481 and my target is £7,000, I am going to dedicate a Thank You page in the book with the names of all people who have contributed and helped me to publish the book: http://stairsforbreakfast.com/thank-you/

book cover 19 ju_y

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