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Battery recharger needed to have new book printed!

It’s been a few months since my last email/blog update. I had an amazing time in Spain and now am half an Ascension meditation teacher! More on that to come soon.

For the 2.5 months I’ve been working long hours; finishing my second book, converting it into book format, making videos and updating my website:

This video is on the front page of my website.

Thank you very much to the people who have already pre-ordered my 2nd book ‘Screw It, I’ll Take The Elevator’. I am planning to publish it on 15th April 2018, as I need more pre-orders to have the book printed. You can order my books here and now http://stairsforbreakfast.com/buy-now

People say Stairs For Breakfast is very funny however my second book is even funnier! It covers October 2000 to April 2017. If you’ve met me over the last few years you’re probably in the elevator!

Having worked so hard I am very proud of my books and everything I have achieved. Thank you for reading this and for helping to get my second book published.

The cover of my book is sorted!

The first draft of my book cover should be through in a week or two. (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!)

Thank you very much to the people who have pre-ordered my book recently. (My thank you page will be updated shortly). I now have 168 pre-orders – and am 99 away from reaching my required target for having the book published. Http://stairsforbreakfast.com

It’s been a busy couple of days getting all of the bits needed for the book cover.

Thank you to my friend Roy Stannard who has helped me with the back cover summary (and also my biog and a testimony for inside the book). When I first met Roy in 1996 I said “I want to work behind the scenes in radio”. He knew I was serious and we’ve been friends ever since.

Glenn Armstrong texted me “When someone tells me they can’t do something I tell them Patrick’s story and share his ability to overcome whatever is put in front of him. He is an inspiration. Patrick I am proud to be your friend

Glenn has helped and inspired me so much, without me asking. This is just one of the ways he has helped me with my book.

Glenn – I’m proud to be your friend – and feel humble to be one of your many mentees.

Paul Ribbons has given me the following quote “Patrick consulted me while writing this book. This book is a must for anyone. It’s honest, funny and inspirational. It humbles me just thinking about the effort it must have taken

Paul has taught me a lot and he’s also kind of like a dad to me. I don’t speak to Paul very often – but I know he’s there if I need advice

I have been through a few emotionally painful experiences in life – and I’ve overcome them all.

When I was writing the book, there was only one chapter which I found painful – because it was something I hadn’t overcome yet – and consequently had been beating myself up about for 20 years.

When I writing said chapter, I phoned Paul twice in one week. it was only after talking to Paul – and writing about it – that I overcome it.

I know I’ve written a great book which will help and inspire many people.

Speaking to Stephanie Hale today, we set the sale price of my (published) book at £15.99.

It means you now have the opportunity to grab yourself a bargain! You can pre-order Stairs For Breakfast for only £15 (which includes postage and packing).

Please help me to publish the book by pre-ordering one or more copies NOW

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Everyone loves the title of my book – Stairs For Breakfast is a winner!