The magic of Guayrapa

I feel very calm and peaceful.

September at Guayrapa, the meditation retreat in Spain, was amazing, There’s something magical about being surrounded with 80-100 people from around the world, experiencing continuous and expansive, peace, love and joy. Such lovely people, reflecting how amazing and awesome I am.

A big thank you to everyone, especially George, Mahan and Mahita, for helping to make my experience so good. Ahimsa and Marilyn you are so funny!

One of the amazing things of ascension, for me, is the more I ascend the easier is it to walk and to talk. Ascension is about observing your thoughts, rather than identifying yourself with them.

When I went to Guayrapa for the first time last year, it took 3 or 4 people to push me in a wheelchair up and down the 25% gradient mountain. Therefore on returning to the retreat this year I took a mobility scooter with me.

The hired scooter severed me well – and handled the steepness of the mountain – and it was fun! Also it was surreal going through airports without assistance. It felt liberating

I love inspiring and helping people – and I love making a room of 100 or so people laugh. It’s something I do so naturally and joyfully. Also almost certainly I must be the first Guayrapa student to be given steak! It was delicious!


I didn’t go to Guayrapa to sell my book however, effortlessly, I sold 38 copies. Hence I’ve put down a €400 deposit to go back next year, with a view to completing the course.

People call me a pathfinder. The scooter enabled me to get around the retreat independently. Guayrapa has also accommodated a blind person. The retreat is accessible to everyone 🙂