Lots of exciting news!

Hello everyone;

I have exciting news, I am organising a joint book talk with local author Liz Coward who has published a book called Blood & Bandages, Fighting for life in the RAMC Field Ambulance 1940-1946, read more here: http://lifeon-shorehambeach.blogspot.co.uk/

The book talk is on Saturday 14th October at 7:30pm at St Peters Church in Shoreham – West Street, BN43 5WG. Liz and I will both be talking individually about our respective books. If you have been to one of my talks before you will know I invite the audience to ask questions and there is a lot of humour involved.Liz Coward interview (3)It is a ticketed event so we can raise funds for the church and hopefully the local Lions Club (I am going to a meeting at the Lions Club tomorrow to discuss them being associated with the event). You can buy tickets and find out more here: https://authors-talk.eventbrite.com

More exciting news, I received my ‘Screw it’ manuscript back from my liable lawyer. Maggie and I will be making the necessary amendments this week. The book is getting closer to being published and I am very proud of it, however I have been a bit unfocused on getting pre-orders to be able to publish the book, you can pre-order it here: http://ukPatrick.com

Some even more exciting news is I will shortly be purchasing a mobility scooter. This is something I have been meaning to do for some time as it will make me more mobile as I will be able to scoot out and about and take it on buses, trains and planes (it reminds me of the film, “Trains, planes & automobiles”).

Another exciting thing I am doing at the moment however most people might find this boring but it’s something I have to do is extending the lease on one of my BTL flats. I understand the straightforward process and once the lease has been extended I will have the property re-valued and re-mortgaged so I can cover the costs of the lease extension.

My focus on the next few weeks is to promote my authors talk with Liz and get more pre-orders. Thank you for your support.