Thank You

I am going to dedicate a page in the book as a gesture of my appreciation to all those who contributed. I’m hoping to have the book published by the end of 2017. There is still time to pre-order your copy now:

So far these people have made their pledge, thank you very much! (Last updated: 12 Octoner 2017)

Callum W. Stannard
Chris TR
Doug Eaton
Gavin Thomson
George Boullin
Gill Alton
Ian Jackson
Jane Leclercq
Jane Smith
Jane Smith
John Potts
Julie brazier
Lynn Austin
Markella Mikkelsen
Padraig Tobin
Patrick Woodward
Paul Howard
Peter G. Williams
Phillip Haslam
Richard Drakes
Richard Rahim
Roy Stannard
Simon Kennerley
Steven Stark
Susan Oliver
Susan Saunders
Wendy Wells