Screw it, I need more pre-orders!!

Hello everyone;

I am feeling rejuvenated after my short break at Guayrapa (meditation retreat in Spain), since I’ve been back in the last ten days, great progress on my second book has been made, the editing process is complete and the manuscript is currently with my liable lawyer undergoing legal review.

Below is a draft copy of the book cover, it needs a few minor changes but it’s looking good.Screw_It_copy

Most of the hard work has  been done now, after the legal review, all that remains is to have the manuscript formatted into a book and for the book to be printed. I feel a real sense of achievement, however the campaign to obtain pre-orders now starts in earnest.

The cost of self-publishing the book is £7,000 and so far I have raised £400, this means I still need to another 450 pre-orders to have the books printed and posted to you.

I am really proud of my book, “Screw it, I’ll take the elevator”, a number of extracts have already been posted on my website. Standby for more extracts, videos and updates on how I am doing.

Here is the new Crowdfunder page for you to pre-order the book:

I have created a thank you page here and I am going to dedicate a page in the book as a gesture of my appreciation to all those who contributed.

Thank you for your support!